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Updated design portfolio

Added on by David Caines.

I've been working on some interesting projects recently including DVD work for US performance group Goat Island and philospher and writer Hélène Cixous; conference exhibition work with the illustrator Marcus Oakley; and launching a new campaign with Jamie Catto opposing the UK arms trade called Stop Arming the World. So I thought it really was time to update the design portfolio section of this site...

Lumos website design

Added on by David Caines.

David Caines Unlimited has designed the website for children's charity Lumos. The charity, originally called The Children’s High Level Group, was co-founded by author J K Rowling. The new name, Lumos, is named after the spell in J K Rowling's Harry Potter books. (In the books, Lumos causes a small beam of light to emit from the spell-caster's wand.)

Lumos has unveiled its new name and look with a rallying call to put an end to the systematic institutionalisation of disadvantaged children across Central and Eastern Europe.

To find out more about their work, or to support them, take a look at the new website.

Site designed by David Caines Unlimited.

Site built by Flowlabs

Content strategy by Grenier

Lumos logo design: OTM Create