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Access All Areas review

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Mik Scarlet has written a wonderful review for a-n of the publication Access All Areas: Live Art and Disability which I designed for the Live Art Development Agency last year. The intention was to make the publication a benchmark of accessibility, not only in it's appearance, but by including DVDs with video content and even an audio transcription of the whole book. You can read Mik's review here and, if you agree with him, you can buy the publication here

Access All Areas published

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David has designed a major new publication for the Live Art Development Agency. Access All AreasAccess All Areas: Live Art & Disability is a 200 page book and double DVD set featuring artists’ writings, creative dialogues, critical commentaries and films that reflect the ways in which Live Art has represented issues of disability in inventive and radical ways. This publication was specifically designed with accessibility in mind. It is wirobound to open flat, and typeset in a large (14 point) typeface with high contrast throughout. The accompanying DVDs include captions and an audio track.

Featured artists and writers include Ron Athey, Bobby Baker, Pete Edwards, Lyn Gardner, Noëmi Lakmaier, Kim Noble, Martin O’Brien and more.

You can purchase Access All Areas directly from the Live Art Development Agency here.

David is official poster artist for US film festival

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David has been appointed official poster artist for the Doc Miami International Film Festival 2012 that takes place in Florida in December. The festival showcases the best in documentary film with a strong focus on humanitarian causes, and also includes a music festival. The painting will be unveiled in March 2012.

Updated design portfolio

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I've been working on some interesting projects recently including DVD work for US performance group Goat Island and philospher and writer Hélène Cixous; conference exhibition work with the illustrator Marcus Oakley; and launching a new campaign with Jamie Catto opposing the UK arms trade called Stop Arming the World. So I thought it really was time to update the design portfolio section of this site...

Making a good impression...

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I've been working on loads of new projects with some amazing clients recently including activist Jamie Catto, the Live Art Development Agency, artist and sculptor Hannah Woodhouse, film director Ross MacGibbon and ethical agency, Forster.

If you'd like help or advice with design, campaigns or branding - across any media - then why not get in touch?


Live music for Supersingular opening!

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I'm proud to annouce that the marvellous band **SURI ET LES COPAINS**

will be performing a live set at the SUPERSINGULAR PRIVATE VIEW at 8pm on Friday 25 february.

Hear them explore the Gallic world of 60's mondo yeh-yeh, 50's lounge and psychedelic swing!!

Don't you dare miss them!



25 Feb – 20 Mar 2011 Basket House Village Universe London N16 7NJ MAP Open 12-5pm 
Saturday & Sunday 
or by appointment Email: 
Tel: 0207 2410568


Illustrations for Streetwise Opera

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Streetwise Opera is an amazing organisation that stages professional operas performed by people who have experienced homelessness. They recently commissioned me to create four images for their upcoming winter production FABLES. The four fables are The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Oscar Wilde's The Nightingale & The Rose, Hey! Come On Out! by Shinichi Hoshi, and the story of The Hartlepool Monkey. The performances are to be filmed and screened as the highlight of this winter's Shoreditch Music Festival.

Lumos website design

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David Caines Unlimited has designed the website for children's charity Lumos. The charity, originally called The Children’s High Level Group, was co-founded by author J K Rowling. The new name, Lumos, is named after the spell in J K Rowling's Harry Potter books. (In the books, Lumos causes a small beam of light to emit from the spell-caster's wand.)

Lumos has unveiled its new name and look with a rallying call to put an end to the systematic institutionalisation of disadvantaged children across Central and Eastern Europe.

To find out more about their work, or to support them, take a look at the new website.

Site designed by David Caines Unlimited.

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Lumos logo design: OTM Create