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SALON16 In June, Hackney resident and artist David Caines will turn his Stoke Newington home and studio into an art gallery (called SALON16) for a limited period and open it to the public. SALON16's innaugural group show – We Who Are Not As Others – will feature paintings, photography and sculpture by DAVID CAINES, MATTHEW CAINES, TESS HURRELL, KALPESH LATHIGRA and DAVID SWINDELLS.

Organiser and contributor David Caines said "This will be a unique opportunity to see some wonderful work in an intimate and unusual setting and to meet – and buy – directly from the artists. I hope SALON16 will become a regular event and an exciting addition to the growing North London art scene."

ABOUT THE SHOW The title of the exhibition – We Who Are Not As Others – reflects the DIY approach to exhibiting art in the home and sidestepping the gallery mainstream. It also acts as a common thread throughout the work on show: whether documenting the lives of those disenfranchised by race and forgotten by history; shining a light on the extremes of the UK club scene; or conjuring midnight meetings between sideshow performers and masked shamans. In our anxious times – where the 'mainstream' seems to have failed us – the work on show at SALON16 definitely, and defiantly, celebrates the 'other'.


DAVID CAINES David's paintings explore both the unusual and the mundane. They have been described as both "a cross between Warholian pop art and Magritte’s surrealism" by The Big Issue, and as having "a sense of nostalgic sadness reminiscent of Edward Hopper" by The Guardian. Recent paintings have featured amputees and circus performers, detailed landscapes of the moon’s surface, and images of conflict between riot police and the public. David was born in 1963 in Wakefield, Yorkshire. His art education was at Chelsea College of Art & Design. He will be exhibiting a selection of his most recent paintings in his Stoke Newington home and garden studio.

MATTHEW CAINES Matthew has been carving stone and wood sculptures and lettering for over 10 years and is based in east London. His skillful, time consuming and physically demanding work addresses fundamental themes, such as our relationship with nature. He uses natural materials "to bring some calm and peace to these frantic times, and to remind us where we come from." Matthew will be exhibiting a selection of recent stone pieces throughout the house and garden.

TESS HURRELL Tess is a London based photographer, born in Zimbabwe 1975. Since graduating from the University of Brighton in 2006, her work has been exhibited internationally and at The Victoria & Albert Museum London, The National Media Museum in Bradford, and has been published in magazines such as Domus, Art Review and Photoworks. Tess will be showing a selection of recent work, which continues her interest in the magical possibilities of photography, sculptural interventions and the pleasure of everyday observations.

KALPESH LATHIGRA Award-winning photographer Kalpesh Lathigra was born in London in 1971 and educated at the London College of Printing. He worked commercially for UK national newspapers for 6 years covering news and features before embarking on a long-term personal project in 2003, documenting the lives of widows in India, and receiving The W.Eugene Smith Fellowship and Churchill Fellowship. Four years ago, Kalpesh started a new project looking at the lives of the Lakota Sioux, Native American tribe on Pine Ridge, South Dakota, USA.

DAVID SWINDELLS David has photographed the nightlife scene in London and beyond for over twenty years, as well as writing about it extensively as Nightlife Editor at Time Out from 1986-2009. He has documented the social, sexual and sartorial liberties taken in clubs which would be frowned upon or curtailed in other social environments. From illicit daytime bhangra parties to polysexual East Londoners into Bastard Batty Bass beats in Bethnal Green, David was there with his camera. Why is he drawn to them? "They choose to go out and join in the club; while others stay at home and grumble that life isn’t fun anymore."

ABOUT THE VENUE David Caines and his family have lived in their Victorian maisonette in Stoke Newington for 20 years. In 2003 David commissioned North London architects UllmayerSylvester to design a painting studio at the bottom of his garden. The building was featured in the national and international press, in magazines and on TV, and has won several design awards*. When the studio was opened to the public during London Open House in 2004 and 2005, over nine hundred people visited. This June David and his family will be opening the doors of their house to the public once again, this time to exhibit the art made in their garden and the work of their artist friends.

*Wood award 2005 (small projects) AJ Small projects award 2005 (2nd Prize) Hackney Design award 2004 Shortlisted for the RIBA award 2005

SALON16 88 Lordship Road Stoke Newington London N16 0QP Open 10.30am – 4.30pm daily or call to arrange a visit

For more information and high res jpegs for press use, contact David Caines +44 (0)207 502 1470 +44 (0)787 988 3593