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Drumming up support for Sudan

Added on by David Caines.

One thing keeping me busy over the festive season was working for Crisis Action designing the branding and online delivery of a new campaign called Sudan365: A beat for peace. The clever campaign uses drumming to raise awareness of the critical political situation in Sudan. Saturday 9 January 2010 saw the global launch which achieved phenomenal press coverage. Sudanese communities and activists around the world joined together to call on international leaders to take urgent diplomatic action to prevent an escalation of conflict in Sudan that could lead to massive human rights violations. The beat started up in Sudan and will be echoed by people from all over the world: from Nairobi to New York, London to Tokyo for the next 365 days.

Famous drummers from Radiohead, The Police, Pink Floyd, Snow Patrol and the legendary musicians Mohammed Munir, Yehia Khalil and Mustaffa Tettey Addy have all lent their support and feature in Jamie Catto and Splinter Films' brilliant launch film which you can watch here.

Visit to find out more and to join the global beat for peace. The campaign also has its own Facebook group and YouTube channel.

Personal thanks to Richard Howard of Flowlabs for amazing development work on the website!