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The "bonkers" decision to ban a poster featuring an 800-year old painting of a naked woman (deemed "obscene") designed by yours truly has now been reversed by TfL. You can read about it here. In case you wondered what all the fuss was about here's a detail of the painting. Avert your eyes!

Cranach developments

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Amazingly TfL have done a bit of a U-turn and are now going to allow the Cranach poster design to be displayed in all it's gauzy glory on the Underground. "It's the poster that overturned the obscenity laws!" Royal Academy of Arts

Cranach at the RA

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The poster I have designed for the forthcoming 'Cranach' exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts (below) has been banned by TfL from the London Underground. Apparently the (undoubtedly provocative) 800-year old nude is guilty of "obscenity". There has been a fair amount of press coverage including this article in the Evening Standard. Cranach poster