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The Visitors

Added on by David Caines.

My latest painting 'The Visitors' is finished and up on the site. It's a large figurative painting and it represents the coming together of a lot of themes i've been exploring for many years. It also is the second time that Slim Jim Milton Malone has appeared in one of my paintings. There are some details here and also I thought it might be interesting to show some of the reference material for the figures. [gallery]

Monsieur Pouf and the Parlour Sybil

Added on by David Caines.

I have added more curios to the Some Dusty Things section of this site including the cover of picture book 'Monsieur Pouf' (1890) (he's a poodle) by E.L. Shute. A little taster: Monsieur Pouf was a poodle-dog, in Russia born and bred, When ordered he would beg, or die, Or dance and shake his head.

He was bought by a kind Papa, With all his puffs and curls, And brought home in the railway train, to play with his little girls.

Look out for 'The Parlour Sybil' too.

Monsieur Pouf by E.L.Shute