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David's figurative paintings show us real people, but don't show us the real world. It's a carefully rearranged world of anxious encounters and deviant ritual aiming to invoke feelings of foreboding and melancholy in us.

The pictures sit outside of a recognisable time-frame and often represent unlikely groups of curious and seemingly disparate characters (a shaman, a figure wrapped in polythene, masked children, contortionists). Their intentions are ambiguous. Are they the welcoming committee or the death squad? Entertainers or sorcerers? It is left up to us to conjure the narrative.

Other pictures suggest a fundamentally ridiculous relationship between humans and simple machinery (a woman who seems to have coalesced with her sewing machine, a headless man being led around by a wheelbarrow).

"I heard someone describe David's work as poignant and I think that’s true… without wanting to get too deep, it seems like a comment on the human condition, that in the end we’re all alone.” Simone Pereira Hind, critic


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